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When it comes to your wellness, only the best will do.  

THREE has redefined the science of supplementation with cutting-edge cellular technology, ensuring that our products are effective, and unbeatably bioavailable.  

Our unique approach to absorption, curation, and exploration guides and directs every formula we develop and every product we deliver.
What makes THREE products different?

750 Doctors are currently participating in THREE. 

There are 9 world-renowned doctors on THREE's Scientific Advisory Board, including one from 
The Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins. 

Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Dan Gubler has a PH.D., in Organic Chemistry from the prestigious CalTech (California Institute of Technology). 

Dr. Gubler also currently has 16 patents granted or pending and has developed 70 nutritional supplements that gross $500 million in annual sales.

All THREE products have gone through clinical studies.

THREE is listed in the PDR, formerly known as the Physicians Desk Reference. 
Three Collagene, revive, purifi, vitalite, imune
All Six Products Listed in the PDR

The "PDR" (formerly known as the "Physicians' Desk Reference" guide) is the "Physicians Bible" and is highly trusted and accredited.

3 validation categories need to be completed and monitored in order for products to be listed in this guide:

*3rd Party Analysis of product components before production, and again after production.

*Proof that the product's company is the true and actual manufacturer (NO White-Label Products).

*Individual Clinical Studies on the Products.

Cellular Absorption
THREE focuses on cellular absorption bioavailability via patented Liposomal and Enzyme Delivery Nanotechnologies.

Our highly bioavailable products are uniquely formulated to deliver maximum nutrition for maximum benefits.

 THREE uses 10+ different patented delivery technologies in all of the products. 

These technologies provide an astounding 90% - 100% bioavailability absorption rate 
(vs 8% - 18% Standard Delivery, within 90% of the products on the market today)
The Products
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Three Collagene
Dr. Dan Gubler, Chief Science Officer, discusses all THREE products
THREE pre-launched on February 20th, 2023 in 14 countries, and generated more than $50 Million in product sales worldwide that same week. 
Three International Launch
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